Mini Tour in Rome 4th-14th February, Italy: Dates and Flyers

  Mini Tour from the 2nd – 14th February in Rome, Italy 

29-30-31 th GENNAIO Workshop Italy: SEMINARIO “IL CORPO SONORO”2010, Teatro Piermarini – Matelica

  4th– Sala Da The Intherferenze- Forteprenestino, Via Delpino


  5th-  Miss Baloo

  6th – Workshop 11- 3pm @ Forteprenestino

   Concerto @ L’asino Che Vola,

  7th– Workshop @ Forteprenestino 11-3pm

  11th Concerto @ Corso Vittorio Emanuele II n. 107a Bulldog Inn pub, 10.30 pm

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