Autogenic Training Therapy

I will work with you by Zoom and can meet during flexible time frames

I am offering worldwide remote Autogenic Training Therapy. I am teaching AT because it has personally given me, a tool to witness and trust my physical organism in a reparative state, and has helped me gain a new awareness of myself, to my relationships and brought me successfully through times of crises. I wish to share this gentle mode of transformation with others.

What is Autogenic Training?

Autogenic Training is a natural, drug-free mind body spirit tool, that can help sleep, reduce stress and tension on cue and boost your immune system

Autogenic comes from the Greek word autogenetos, αυτοπαραχθείσα, and it means “originating within the body”, “self-generated”, “self-produced”, “self-born”.  Autogenous is a word commonly used in life sciences, and it is the word Dr Johannes Schultz, AT’s developer, used.

AT’s roots are firmly in medicine.  AT is a long established, evidence-based practice which teaches you a method for self-balancing your emotions, body and mind by encouraging your being into a state of ‘Homeostasis”.  It allows whole person ‘self maintenance’ to gently and safely happen by itself using your own natural self-healing resources and processes. 

Learning AT is a self-education process.  You are a learner, not a patient. The focus is on changes you would like to make that are right for you. I can guide you in how to help yourself through the exersizes developed in Autogenic Training. This is a training in self resislience, awareness and also gives you tools to become independent with your self care practice.

The developers of AT discovered it was a ‘small psychotherapy’.  This is because it breaks the circle of conditioning naturally and at your own pace. And studies show that regular AT practice helps some people get off therapy wait-lists. For other people AT is a good complement to traditional talking therapy. There is both research and anecdotal evidence that AT can help people come off some medications, too.

Online with Zoom. The Zoom distance learning platform complies with data protection regulations in Europe and North America and it allows you to record the training sessions if you wish.

Classes are 60 to 90 minutes long, once weekly for between 8 and 10 weeks.  We first meet 1-to-1 before you start an AT course. Classes build on each other. There’s a 10 week follow up, too. You practice between classes and keep a diary to track your progress.

Fees vary and can be adjusted to your ability to pay in either $USD, £GBP or €Euros.

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