A Trip to the Utopics I, II, III

Director for A Trip to the Utopics I, Zu Hause, Berlin December 2011. Many People to thank….

Special Thanks to Javier Cura for Shadow Theatre, Fenia Kotsopoulou for assistance  & Zu Haus.

This performance was created in 2 sessions of 4 hours with  20 dancers/normal people.   People are always searching for something better, bigger, more technological, more spiritual,  more meaningful, more to it all.  Paradise is what you see on your screen saver.  The CCC: colonic colonial colonel  invites the people to enter the realm of a journey to find a paradise from within. Only to delve deeply into her own multi dimensional human capacities  and schizophrenia. This piece was a reaction to the idea of embodied post colonialism in  European Culture.

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Director of A Trip to the Utopics II– Movement study performed at the Eschschloraque, Berlin.  How can this persona react in a new environment, what is her movement-voice vocabulary. How can the Colonic Colonial Colonel convert you to her mission?

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Director of A Trip to the Utopics III– continued with Hope it is going well.Performed and concieved with Javier Cura at Acud Theatre as part of Month of Performance Art. 

This performance was a play, an invitation for the audience to co-create the live music for our piece with voices and bottles, thus directing the quality and story as we go through a structured improvisation based on a simple archetype power relation between master/slave, man/woman

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