Testimonials on workshops in Bechyne, Czech Republic and Serra di Conti, Italy 2008-2020

Linda Jandejskova

I know it was the best event for me in Bechyne that year…As for someone, who never learned dance before, the workshop was a safe opening to body work. After the years I found about the importance and joy of dance, of attention to the body, to movement and its connection to health. Movement and voice are always available to us, some of the greatest gifts ever.

Francesca Orazi

Ive always appreciated the combination of the two methods of working, yours and javi’s work. 

Voice, vibration, movement, relation, sound and languages, and many more connections..

It was a challenging for me, to play as I was a child, and research as a professional in movement, to combine a vacation with finding a new community, people, a kind of big family, which grew bigger each time I joined

Ula Wojtkowiak

I loved to watch how Moss is waking up in people their inner child , how through the work with voice and body they get rid of their limits and projections. How they dialoging with their fears, wishes, desires and explore their imagination . How they are opening themselves for each other end explore the space through the voice.

Anja Beyer AcuEnergetics®Yin/Yang Yoga, Ayurveda Massage

MOSS- Her inspiring, quirky, collaborative work with an edge has challenged me to overcome previous blocks to performing and explore the unpredictable facets of voice-movement integration. 

Fahri Akdemir – Strategic Project Management

Moss- Here l would like to share my experiences at my work with Moss. Our ways connected in different ways. I know her as a musician and mover, dance teacher, a mother…. It’s difficult to define the roles so better explain what l get and how it feel. I was in several contact improvisation jams with Moss and Javier. Listened her and danced with her music and guidance. I also had a chance to join their Contact tango workshop at this beautiful place in Bechyne. It was more than a dance workshop; a retreat, a meeting with my body, with my movement quality, great time with great people, performance development, performing, listening, singing….in short feeling alive. It was well organized, full of new learning and experiences. I felt like home or a place for me and my development. 

Thanks for that and many other experiences she made me feel and place in my life. I strongly recommend working with Moss, listening her and dancing with her.

Daphne Kourkounaki

Moss is clearly an experienced musician and dancer who is very passionate about using art as a tool for personal transformation. 

She had depth, she is open, humble and curious – all qualities that you want to see in someone who facilitates space to unlock potential: within the participant and within the actual art form that is used. 

She is a bridge: seriously dedicated yet playful, which makes her offerings engaging and accessible. 

Her love for nature and community brings an additional dimension that as a participant it enhanced my ability to connect to myself and the group. 

This is a woman who is connected to her gifts as an artist and facilitator and gives abundantly. I have no doubt that 9 years later, with her additional experience as a parent her capacity to nurture connection is even more solid and potent.

Anna Fiserova

Moss Beynon Juckes- I have experienced several summer-residency workshops with Moss. During those days you could see people, who did not believe they could sing, singing not only in the classes, but during all their daily routine, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, on the go… Her way of connecting movement and sound and also ability to change group of strangers to a team that is willing to participate on the practice is unique. Her energy is inspiring, her musicality and playfullness will catch you and draw you into the game the most natural and pleasant way.

Zdenek Pospisil

The meeting in Bechyně had for me several levels, which are reflected in my life for years.

The first level is human, meeting extraordinary people.

The second level is artistic, beauty as such. Movement, music, the creation of a new thing that was not yet there.

Those few days together enrolled within me as if I had lived one more life.

Awakening in the sea as an inconspicuous animal has developed into awareness, love, touch, consciousness, beauty, friendship.

Creativity and joint work on the final performances only confirmed what a person can do under the guidance of extraordinary instructors. Moss in human voice, Javier in motion.

Working with voice, the most intimate expression of a man, communication equipment that can create a substitute for all musical instruments.

Vibrations that touched infinity.

Movement as the epitome of arched beauty, imitation of the purest animals.

Freedom, cleanliness, grace, creativity.

Huge thanks to Moss and Javier for their inspiration for life.