Private Alternative Birth Preparation Course

tutgutaltpregWITH RAINBOWnoheadprint tutgutpregback1noheadprint On facebook A five week course with healing Practitioner Federica Fiore- Heilpraktikerinand Voice movement artist Moss Beynon Juckes @ Tutgut !!!! Federica and Moss come together to create this specialized birth preparation course drawing from insights that carved a positive and ecstatic birthing experience for them. Having both felt invigorated and confident after birth, they want to share some of their discoveries with mothers and fathers to be. Our course has a focus on transformation of pain through mindfulness, movement with breath and how to use sounding and singing through the birth process to open the body. We will cover some of the information provided in a regular birth preparation course, however we will also go deeper into bodily and vocal awareness. We will create a supportive space for you to work through issues surrounding pregnancy and birth. This course compliments a regular birth preparation course in a birthing house or with a midwife. Mothers to be can bring their partners or supporters if they wish to join. Each course runs over 5 weeks, every Saturday from 4pm to 6pm at tutgut center. For more information please call or email: email: tel: 016094603883

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