The Great Transparent Ones

Very Early Work:

The Great Transparent Ones Roehampton University Final Performance. 2005

A Big Thank you to all those involved:

Performers: Jo Silverston, Pepe Belmonte, Alessandra Camozzi, Siyeon Kwon, Michal Kowalski, Moss Beynon Juckes, Others..

Video Performers: Jo Silverston, Alice Cunningham, Will Rogers, Danny Robinson, Michal Kowalski, Jasmin, Siyeon Kwon, Others…

Video Maker/producer: Jody VandenBurg

Inspired by Andre Breton….reference to “The Great Transparent Ones….” hypothetical beings’….’which mysteriously reveal themselves to us when we are afraid and we are conscious of the workings of chance” Prolegomena to a Third Surrealist Manifesto

Jasmin was a chance element in this project. We were filming outside my flat in London, a simple choreography of cliche movements to create an urban ritual, Jasmin appeared. She stood out in her beige overcoat. The rest of the group wore dark clothes, prostrating on the floor of my street. She looked tethered and worn out. Unusual gait, unusual interest in what we were doing. She casually got herself involved and so I formally invited her to join us. As I directed the actors & friends, she stood out like a sore thumb-not really able to follow, often looking directly into the camera with a childlike appealing stare. She became the mystery-the counter point, the missing element. Suddenly I realised this ritual was for her. It ended with the group nesting around her, creating a basket of support.

Later that evening,  I visited Jasmin. She was a transgender sex worker for the upper class business men in the heart of London. Probably with a certain addiction to cocaine. She showed me her wonderful wardrobe and I remember trying on a few things. A few days later I received a letter from her saying how she felt thankful to have experienced such kind treatment.

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