Fertile Presence co-production fund, Goethe Institute Cairo 2023-2024. Uferstudios, Berlin & Studio Emad El Din, Cairo

This Entry by Tino Sehgal, Manchester Whitaker Museum, National Football Museum.

Glitch Choir research week at Eden Studios hosted by Deva Schubert, with Chihiro Araki, Harald Stojan, Thomas Proksch, Maria Walser, Juan Felipe Amaya Gonzalez 

A Mort by Claire Vivianne Sabottke, Premiere Sophiensaele with CHOREOGRAPHY, CONCEPT, PERFORMANCE Claire Vivianne Sobottke COMPOSITION, MUSIC Stellan Veloce, Kaj Duncan David MUSICAL COOPERATION AND FRENCH HORN Abigail Sanders, Elena Kakaliagou BY AND WITH Moss Beynon Juckes, Stina Fors, Claire Vivianne Sobottke SPACE AND OBJECTS Clementine Pohl, Yoav Admoni LIGHTING DESIGN AND TECHNICAL DIRECTION Catalina Fernandez COSTUME Lea Kieffer DRAMATURGICAL ADVICE Mila Pavićević OUSIDE EYES Sheena McGrandles, Maria Scaroni ARTISTIC PRODUCTION DIRECTION Simone Maria Graf. A production by Claire Vivianne Sobottke in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE and PACT Zollverein. Funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds. Media partner: taz.


IMPRO MURGA with Sebastian Traverso & We are (Consortia)! with Rosalind Masson. Workshops series until February 2023 at Heizhaus Cultural Community Centre

DAWN: a musical on reproduction by Sheena McGrandles in Dance House, Helsinki Moving in November Festival

DAWN: a musical on reproduction (Wiederaufnahme) by Sheena McGrandles, with Claire Vivianne Sabotke, Colin Self, Stellan Veloce, Marta Forsberg, Mila Pavicevic at Sophiensaele

Publication presentation and interactive music, urban myth retelling at Ausufern Festival, Uferstudios as closing part of the the collaboration on Ela Spaldings Suelo Methodology Residency

Residency with Claire Vivianne Sabottke, Tian Rotteveel, Angela Munoz Martinez at Flutgraben

Strange Architectures. Workshop and Performance in collaboration with Jack Day, with Orgellabrynth (2020) organ composition by Dominik Sustek at Luisenkirche

Recipient of DIS TANZEN SOLO research funding for Strange Speech dance solo research.

Collaboration in Ela Spaldings Suelo Methodology in residency at Heizhaus, supported by the PSR collective with collaborators Rosalind Masson

Recipient of #Take Care, Fonds Daku for STRANGE SPEECH Solo Research

Recipient of #Take Heart Residency at Embodiment Practices for Storying Otherwise


25.09-30.10- Tino Sehgal at Atonal

25th-26th September-DAWN: a musical on reproduction by Sheena McGrandles.

3-4-5th September- Das Anschauliche Klaffen by Maria Walser at Ballhaus Ost,

May-July recipient of #Take Care Fonds Daku, Neu Start Kultur for researching Strange Speech

Jan-Tino Sehgal This Joy Beethoven Bewegt at the Museum of Art, Vienna, Beethoven Anniversary


Tino Sehgal This Joy Beethoven Bewegt at the Museum of Art, Vienna, Beethoven Anniversary

20-27th June SENSATE – a retreat for connection at the eco art site The Beekeepers. Register by email.

Experimental Communion at Evangelische Luisen-Kirchengemeinde, Gierkepl. 4, 10585 Berlin


1 year daily Kundalini Practice

1 year Certificate of Competence in Personal Autogenic Training

Weekend workshop teaching at AMU, HAMU, Prague

Music Composition for Hana Tefrati / Shaymaa Shoukry: #youtoo – Kampnagel Hamburg

Tino Sehgal Okayama Art Summit, Japan & Odawara Art Foundation September- October

OKO Video filming

Lobe Block Contact Jam every Saturday begins

Wear it Innovation Summit- complimentary pass to women in tech summit

OKO Album editing

OKO support A-WA@ Werk2 Leipzig and Gretschen

Death Doulaship training April

OKO S036 appearance- Polkageist record release featuring OKO

OKO in Izmir April

Tino Sehgal at the Stedelijk Amsterdam Feb-March


14th-16th September FAMILIA* FUTURA : Mamatrix @ A Festival for Queer and alternative Families

August 18th onwards tbc Notte Nera Festival

16.–20. July, 2018: A week residency program on writing songs in the dance environment. Flying Saucers, Golden Flowers and Planetary Brain Spirituals. A voice and movement lab with Moss Beynon Juckes tbc

7th- 15th July Bechyne Residency, Czech Republic

19th May OKO@Karneval der Kulturen

11th May OKO@ Werkstatt der Kulturen

1st May OKO@ MyFest East meets West Stage with DJ Ipek and Petra Nachtmanova

OKO recieved music funding for their new album from Musicboard

12-18th March Opera House North Residency with MAS on “Visions” a project inspired by Hildeguard Von Bingen

28th January Singing workshop with OKO 11-18pm

January- February; OKO Preparing a new set

22nd February: Kesselhaus,

11th February OKO play at the Library Amerika-Gedenkbibliothek, Blücherplatz 1, 10961 Berlin, Germany

8th February OKO concert at the Berghain Kanitine,

10th January SO36 OKO concert supporting Bandista

January 6-8th- Racoon Punk Video and Supermarket Action


1st December M.A.S Wellcome Trust, London, http://www.mas-productions.org 

3-4th November Altered: A festival on Psychedelics and Altered Consciousness

16th October -12th November- Basel Tino Sehgal

15th  October Video Release OKO

October – London Berlin M.A.S residency working on 20 Mins of Action, Nwando Ebizie

2nd September VAC Foundation Educational Program at Solyanka Museum, Moscow.  Neo Art Ritual/ /

28th Aug – 17th September- Moscow Tino Sehgal

10-20th August Notte Nera Festival, Serra dei Conti, Italy Link

20-23 July Mamatrix and MAS in Kassel/ Dokumenta

10-16th Bechyne Residency “Evolove: the body as a web of relations” 

3-9th July Lausanne Festival de le cite Lausanne Tino Sehgal

12-19th June OKO video shoots and recordings

15th -24th May M.A.S in Berlin, residency at Kule

29th April- Tralalka Album Release Lido

Jan- Feb Guest Residency with Mas Productions, 


December-Italy Turin

October-December, Palais de Tokyo, Paris tbc Tino Sehgal.

2nd October tbc Gig at the Loft.

Mas plan in Berlin


August- Italy, Notte Nera Festival

July-10th-18th Czech Republic, Bechyne Residency

May 9th-June 5th Morocco, Marrakesh with Tino Sehgal

March 21st- April 30th – Lady Vendredi at the Soho Theatre, London, UK

March 4th & 5th Tralalka in Brecht Festival, City Club, Ottersberg and Import Export in Munich.

February 15th-21st Mas Productions devising/ Haitian dance sessions with Zsuzsa Parrag

February 27th- Tralalka in Bremen


January – Smash Intensive dtbc.

December – Argentina sabbatical/tour.

November – Recording Album with Tralalka. Please support our Campaign for the Album here

October 30th Ladies of Tralalka @ O Tonart Theater, BERLIN

October 17th Ladies of Tralalka @ Vavien, BERLIN

October 11-16/18-24th London collaboration with Mas Productions Please support Lady Vendredi’ Vinyl Campaign :

October 10th Ladies of Tralalka @ Café Blume, BERLIN

September -Morocco Theatre Project – TIME

September 19th Tralalka Country & Folk Festival

September 12th- Tralalka Concert Wabe

August 15th -23rd Serra dei Conti, Notte Nera Residency, Italy 

July 24th-26th Dear Reader mini tour

JULY 11th -19th Bechyne Residency Czech Republic

July 3rd, Tralalka at Rudolfstadt Folk Festival

June 28th- August 8th. This Variation by Tino Sehgal at the Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin. 

June 27th Tralalka at the Night of 1000 Drawings  charity gig

May 28th- June 21st. This Variation by Tino Sehgal at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

February 28th 2015, 08:30 pm TRALALKA @ Badehaus Danza Globalistan

Feb 15th-March 29th Leipzig Project Miriam Welke tbc

February 5th 2015, 08:30 pm TRALALKA @ Keller Klub

January 16th 2015, 12:00 am TRALALKA @ Grüner Salon


DECEMBER 11th -14th Tralalka tour south Germany

1st Voice/Movement Event


30th Voice/Movement Event

24-28th Smash Intensive “The World is Sound” Guest Teacher “Multiple pathways, Multiple bodies and Multiple Voices” 

15th Ladies of Tralalka @Oblamov

5th November final showing at  Grüntaler 9 R&D Showing Facebook

OCTOBER Alternative Birth Preparation 5 week Course 1 starts on the 4th (4.10 – 1.11) Facebook link here

This Variation by Tino Sehgal in Athens September 25th- October 28th

31st Tralalka Concert Villa Neukölln Hermannstraße 233, 12049 Berlin, Germany

SEPTEMBER 3rd Grüntaler 9 R&D Showing Facebook

Alternative Birth Preparation 5 week Course 1 starts on the 6th (6.9. – 4.10) Facebook link here

6th Tralalka @ Oblamov

7th Tralalka Concert Hangar 49, Holzmarktstr. 15-18, S-Bahnbogen 49, 10179 Berlin, Germany

13th Tralalka @ Antira Festival, Jockel Biergarten Ratiborstr. 14c, 10999 Berlin, Germany

AUGUST  1st, 2nd, 3rd Music for the Body Love Festival, visit the Facebook page hereMoss in residence for own research at Studio 53 Facebook

11th-15th Butoh and Voice special at the Funkhaus Studios hosted by Adrien Gaume Thursday is my day!

JULY  2nd Grüntaler 9 R&D Showing Facebook

12th- 20th Bechyne Residency

Moss in residence for own research at Studio 53 Facebook

21st- 14th August Musical Coordinater for Mogli 2014 musical theatre project for teenagers at Schloss Bröllin, 

JUNE 4th Grüntaler 9 R&D Showing Facebook

21st Tralalka Concert Private

Moss in residence for own research at Studio 53 Facebook

MAY 1st Tralalka My Fest….tbc

24th Tralalka Concert Private

Moss in residence for own research at Studio 53 Facebook


20th Improv with Alessio Castellacci Action Theatre Festival  Mime Centrum, Berlin

12th David Bloom research session at Uferstudios

Moss in residence for own research at Studio 53 Facebook


In Progress- participation in “There is no reason why” Multimedia Music Theatre. Andrea Molino & David Moss

Moss in residence for own research at Studio 53

28th Reading at Photo Book Exhibition “Looking to the South” Clara Grozinger

23rd Tralalka gig tbc

21st Tralalka Record RELEASE party

16th Solo at St Georges Bookshop Facebook, Wörther Str. 27, 10405 Berlin, Germany


29th Tralalka play Keller, Neukoln 22:00

JANUARY 20/26th Studio Opening festival hosted by Federica Fiore  at TutGut Studio, Singing Birth Preparation and Voice-Movement taster workshops Tuesday 14.30 and Thursday 16:00


DECEMBER 8th Ladies of Tralalka concert @ Alte Bahnhofshalle Friedenau

NOVEMBER Research experimentation with choreographer Leralee Whittle

SEPTEMBER: Tralalka concert-2-4pm @ Traditionfest facebook Späth’sche Baumschule
Späthstr. 80/81, 12437 Berlin. http://www.spaethsche-baumschulen. 5€, children under 16 free entrance

AUGUST: Sabbatical-visits-physical and mental life experence & education :-))))MILF

JULY: 13th-21st, Bechyne Summer Residency, Czech Republic

8th July-Amphitheater Montags Koncert-21:00

JUNE:  28-29-20th-Recording Tralalka

21st-22-23rd- La Spezia, Ecology & Contact Tango + Voice & Movment workshop at the Refuge

1st June 10.30am- Tralalka-Fest der Linken-

30th & 31st May- 1st & 3rd June –Body in Progress III, by Christine Borch. Solo performance with Moss Beynon Juckes at Uferstudios 21:30, Berlin (Ticket reservation is necessary) info/reservation here, 13 € / 8 €. Please book via:

13th-16th Community of  Bania, Tuscany-Italy

16th Berlin Sound Painting Orchestra, Babylon Kino

21st-23rd La  Spezia, Contact-Tango, Impro & Voice Worshop with Javier Cura


3rd Music for Contact Jam Südstern-facebook

5th Concert TRALALKA- Polish Cultural Festival

9th Concert TRALALKA-5pm, Treptower Park Tag der Befreiung.-

10th Südstern Jam  facebook Improv

6th-29th-Process Start Body in Progress with Christine Borch/Uferstudios & Yurt

17th- Dhalaristan Reloaded facebook -Documentation of Dhalaristan Tour- Pony Royal, Siegfriedstraße 12, 12051 Berlin 6pm onwards

Music for Contact Jam Südstern 8-11pm-facebook/

Yurt Warming Party-Uferstudios 4pm-late

24th Music for Contact Jam Südstern-facebook


12th- One Revolution, Respiration, Schwelle 7 as part of The Alchemy of the Breath – A Weekend of Holotropic Breathwork / Die Alchemie des Atems – Wochenendworkshop mit Holotropem Atmen- please see here for more info

Music for 19th Südstern Jam facebook

25th Concert tbc -Gaudy Cafe

26th Music for Südstern Jam facebook

MARCH: 23.March 2013, 21h, HOTEL, Mariannenstrasse 26a, Preis: 6 €, >Facebook Event

16.March 2013, TRALALKA concert 22h, DonauStr 115. (facebook), Preis: 3-8 € (guest decide!)

FEBRUARY- Argentina- Workshop tbc

JANUARY- 4th and 5th. Perform with Jule Flierl & Christine Borch in Christines “One Revolution, Respiration” as part of Tanz Tage 2013,

6. January, 5PM: Vocal+Movement Improvisation with Alessio Castellacci, Moss Beynon Juckes and Irena Tomazin@Pyramide/Berlin, Risaer Strasse 94 for Vernissage of Birgit Schöne

13th I join BSO- Berlin Sound Painting Orchestra with voice/body during silent movies from Duchamp, Bunuel, Ray.  BABYLON Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30, 10178 Berlin. 7.15pm


DECEMBER: Christine Borch “One Revolution, Respiration”. Südstern Contact Jam.

NOVEMBER 2nd- Tralalka Concert at the Grüner Salon. Christine Borch “One Revolution, Respiration” Residency. Justin F Kennedy “Haunted House” Student HZT production. 17th Tralalka at Lovelite.

OCTOBER: Performer in London- Tate Modern “These Associations” Tino Sehgal.  Teaching European Theatre Students at Rose Bruford.  Research Project as a performer in London with Amir Giles “Highly Strung”.

SEPTEMBER: June – September- Documenta 2012 Sehgal “This Variation”

AUGUST June – September- Documenta 2012 Tino Sehgal “This Variation”

Italy; Serra de Conti Notte Nera

JULY 1-8 th July Bechyne; Summer Residency in Bechyne Monastery, Czech Republic on facebook June – September- Documenta 2012 Sehgal “This Variation”

18th- 25th July Experimental Theatre Festvial Prague

JUNE June – September- Documenta 2012 Tino Sehgal “This Variation”

MAY   28th May – 2nd June Tanz Tag at Potsdam Fabrik with Javier Cura 25th May Record Release party for Tralalka 16th-20th In touch Festival-Music! 11-13th-Performance Festival Week, Berlin 11th Concert Tralalka in Lagari- 5th May- Tralalka in Copenhagen, 2nd May- Dreamtime Meditation music for Colin Leach at Schwelle 7 1st May- Dance performance with Fenia Kotsopoulou at

APRIL  27th Concert with Tralalka at Fuchs and Elster, Berlin, 21-27th Geneva with Tino Seghal.  9-20th Research for Christine Borch- One Revolution, Respiratio during Berlin Base  Residency at TanzWerkstatt, Berlin   15th- guest violin for CHASTITY concert at Bar 103, Kastanienallee 49, Berlin…21.00.   3rd-9th Easter Impro Festival, Göttingen, Germany

MARCH 29th-2nd Workshop in Brussels with Iva Bittova 24th Back to Black performance with Meyrick Kaminski 11-28th Rehearsals for Documenta 6th March 1st May- Dance performance at 2 & 3rd Tralalka Concerts 2nd 8-9pm BIT SYNAESTHETE – PUBLIC INSTALLATION facebook

FEBRUARY 26th- 2nd Rehearsals Variations 20th-25th Massage Week 18th Solo Infamous Karaoke Star and Mute Swimmer at Salon Remise facebook.9.30pm- -schuckerthöfe – haus f am treptower park 28-30 12435 berlin – treptow 17th Concert with Tralalka The Zone Berlin, Reuterstr. 95, 12053 Berlin: facebook 2 weeks creation process in Dresden Hellerau, 11th & 12th Linea 08. Performing with Miriam Welk in Wror at Hellerau in Dresden facebook

JANUARY 2012 Project in Berlin January- March mit Susanne Roge

DECEMBER 2011 2nd Südstern Jam Music 3rd-4th Torino, Italy  Atelier Teatro Fisico Philip Radice on facebook 7th Gazi Baba concert at Ä tbc be confirmed 9th & 10th Workshop for Voice Orchestra Impromptu 3-6 pm  facebook 14th -9pm onwards Impromptu Voice Orchestra and 2 Acts tbc night dedicated to Meredith Monk secret location in Kreuzberg 16th Südstern jam Music

NOVEMBER 4th Tralalka 14th Tralalka 18th Südstern jam Music 26th & 27th Rome, Italy Incantation; Voice & Body Impro at Fanfulla 2-6pm. 24th/30th? Concert Fanfulla, Rome tbc… 29th Bebo de Samba; Sound Therapy Concert/Workshop, 5.30pm-7.30pm OCTOBER 2011 27th-31st Helsinki, Finland Workshop “Incantation: Voice & Body Impro” on facebook 26th Concert IKS aka Moss *& BR. Runo on facebook 21st- Tralalka Concert guest on violin at Zosch 7th Südstern Jam- Music

SEPTEMBER 2011 September-28, 29, 30th Workshop at Vienna University of Performing Arts

AUGUST 2011 7th-20th Italy, Serra Dei Conti Workshop & Festival performance “Storia del Acqua” Facebook

JULY 2011 July 28th- 7th August -Becchyne- 10 day summer residency with Javier Cura Czech Republic July 18th- 24th- London/Somerset June 4-8th Language Farm

JUNE 2011 29th June- 3rd July – France 25th & 26th June Workshop in association with Hlasohled, Voicescope, Czech Republic. 17th-19th Act Theatre Workshop Hosting Loredana Piacentino Facebook @ BLo Ateliers Berlin, 7-14th Torino-Concert 9th, vineria rosso di sera, via di nanni 120/E @ 8pm Workshop 11-12th June, Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th June 2:00pm – 6pm, Costs: Full Course Fee: 1 weekend: 80 Euros. 70 /students. Location: 4th-5th June Workshop with UDK, Berlin

MAY 2011 22nd- 28th Language Farm 21st Concert- Infamous Karaoke Star and Gazi Baba at Sowieso, Berlin 13th-15th B-Lock Workshop Festival on “Hunger” 1st-7th Language Farm

APRIL 2011 24th- 29th- Language Farm 23rd April Concert 20th April- Concert Infamous Karaoke Star @ Ä Bar, Berlin 9.30pm April- Strasbourg- 6-10th Helsinki 11th-17th Workshop presented in co. with Alan Prohm April 2nd & 3rd Rome Società Romana Di Artepatia presenta; “Physical Theatre and Voice Workshop,

MARCH 2011 March 30th Concert at Fanfulla, March 29th Workshop for Società Romana Di Artepatia 5.30-7.30pm, Beba do Samba March- 19th-20th Teatro Orfeo presenta “Dancing our Voices” Workshop in Torino, March- 11th- 17th, Residency Italy- Bussana Vecchia “My Things” Project March 10th Concert at Tante Lisbeth, Berlin with Eli & Stella, 8pm

FEBRUARY 2011 February 21st Concert at Fos 9 Grüntalerstrasse February 18th Concert for Solidarity at February  17th Performance reading of text by Joana at February- bi weekly Physical theatre/voice/gymnastics training near schönhauser allee Berlin, Thursday 10am- 12pm & Sundays 14-16pm, 5 Euroes

JANUARY 2011 8, 9th January Voice-Body Janguada, Berlin

2010 2nd-6th December Vienna ContacTango Workshop mit Javier Cura & Moss Beynon Juckes 22nd Nov-1st Dec UK. attending Anna Helena Mclean Workshop 15th- 21st Novmeber- Roma DIALOGUES WITH VOICE AND BODY WORKSHOP, ROME FORTEPRENESTINO 21t Novembre- Concert at Rising Love after Morosis Theatre Play by Act Theatre Project. 16th Novembre- LIve Concert at Lasino che Vola, Vis Ciamarra 37, Rome. 22hr free/3. 10 pm 13th Novembre- Live Concert at via Volturno 37,Roma, 12 am apres Act Act Theatre Project presenta : “Morosis” Brani Di Cartapesta Inzuppata 9pm…..5 Euro. 4th-7th November Prague ACTING ON SOUND AND SPACE, PRAGUE WORKSHOP JAVIER CURA, MOSS BEYNON JUCKES see on facebook 24th- 29th October Language Farm. 10th- 15th October Langauge  Farm 9th October- Gig Competition @ Art Gerecht 5th October- Performance with Fenia Kotsopoulou @ Kunstsalon 8.30pm 17th-25th September Block Festival on Resistance 22nd- 29th August Bechyne Contact-Dance-Theatre Summer Residency (click for facebook page) 16th- 22nd August Serra Dei Conti Week Residency 21st-27th Italy Napoli and Rome 10th July : Home Sweet Home Festival 10th July (click for facebook page) t