Moss is a songwriter & soundscaper. She gives solo concerts & works on dance/theatre sound and voice/movement production and band musical projects;

Current – Tralalka,

Impromptu Voice Orchestra

Past – Infamous Karaoke Star, Gazi Baba,



Moss was born in Australia and now lives in Berlin. Moss is an Urban performance, progressive-folk previously called Infamous Karaoke Star, a pop solo/band act that combines original Dance/Song/Guitar/Violin/Loop/Computer Camio and other strange instruments. Sometimes its a fully impro-experimental outfit, other times,  its a song based concert. Costumes and concepts for each show. She collaborates with musicians local to the country in which she tours with new formations.

SHOWS: Solo, Band and Related live performances

2014- St Georges Bookshop/Phynix Tanz Studio/Lake Studios/Wabe/May Fest/Fest der Linke/Amphitheatre Montags Concert/Traditionsfest/Oblamov/

2013-Tralalka-Berlin/Südblock/Tag der Polonia – Polnisches Festival Berlin/Montags Koncert/Treptower Park-Fest zum Tag des Sieges/Das Hotel/ L&G Security-Donaustrasse115/ The Zone/ Solo: Südstern Jam Resident musician.

2012- Tralalka- Berlin/ Badehaus Szimpler/Grüner Salon/Südblock- der Kulturen/ Lovelite/ Fuchs & Elster/ Badehaus Szimpler/Grüner Salon/ Moss-resident impro at Phynix Tanz Studio.

2011-Berlin- /Zosch/Erreichbar ( Hause/Salon Remise/Tante Lisbeth/Supamolly/Kindl Brewery/Fiedlestrasse/ FOS Bar (with Honeybird and the Birdies) Rome- Fanfulla/L’asino che Vola/Volturno/Forte Prenestino. Turin- Teatro Della Caduta

2010-Werkstadtt der Kulturin/Madamme Claude/LUX/Berliner Kunstsalon/Art Gericht -Italy- Rome- The Bull Dog Inn/L’asino Che Vola/Forte Prenestino- Serra Dei Conti-Notte Nera Festival/ -Czech Republic- Prague- Divano de Pradle- The Balkans-Austria-Vienna-Labfactory/- Croatia-Labin-Lamparna/Underground City Project/-Macedonia- Skopje- F.R.I.K/Shutka- Street Performance, Bulgaria-Sofia-Red House/-Veliko Tornova- Community Theatre/-Turkey-Istanbul- Bigli University.

2009 – Germany-Intersoup/Potsdam Fabrik/- Italy-Notte Nera Festival/ Salone Margherita

2008–U.K-Secret Garden Party Festival /Glastonbury as Performer/ 2000 Trees Festival/93 Feet East/GocStock Festival/Residency at The Old Queens Head/Cargo/The Half Moon/The Ivy House/The Nunshead/The Troubadour/12 Bar/Trafik/Apollo/The Plough/The Swan/The Larick/The Slaughtered Lamb/Monkey Chews/Residency at The Space Arts Centre/The White Horse/Viva Viva/Gallery 491/Troy Bar/The Spice of Life: featured Artist/ The White Hart: Featured Artist/The New Cross Inn/The Cross Kings/The Amersham Arms/The Cavendish Arms/The Worlds End/The Stage Door/Tatty Boggle/ The Railway/ The V&A/ The National History Museum/Hard Rock/ Radio Peckham Interview/The Railway Tavern/Area 10/491 Gallery/Filthy McNasties/ Islington Bar Academy/Bar 101/HungaMunga Festival/Bethnal Green Working Mans Club


2014 Reka-Tralalka

Infamous Karaoke Star, Game of Flesh- 14 songs, release March 2010, 67 min.

Infamous Karaoke Star, Moss & Jo -Fleetwood Sessions Game of Flesh Acoustic Duo – 7 Songs, 33.23 min, release June 2009.


“The intelligently arranged amalgamation of Moss’s funk/blues guitar and underpinning cello from Jo is more than enough to capture the imagination, and that’s before the addition of Moss’s vocals’ that range from the angelic to the subtly sardonic. Combined with lyrics that are as witty and emotive as they are playful and you have a musical troupe that can captivate any audience”. Bill Williams. Music News, London

“Blunt and dark musical poems using raw language delivered with a skillful linguistic playfulness- punctuated by erratic, schizophrenic and semi- psychotic musical arrangements. Both vulnerable and bitchy the songs never sit easily in the listeners’ ears; the uneasy tempo, contained within a tradition, confronts the contemporary mind with melancholia, humour and confident honesty. The traditional sound-scape is subtly blended and broken to make you happy and depressed at the same time- alternating from verse to chorus. Almost as scary as silence- you must see her perform”. Padraig Robinson, Berlin 2009.

“Moss Beynon Juckes is an independent performer from Berlin/England. Her stage name “Infamous karaoke Star” is a play or pun on the necessity to live up to social expectations and fit into social standards. Besides this it is a critique and awareness on popular music/media culture. “Infamous” meaning “of bad reputation” and “Karaoke Star” – suggesting that the performer just ‘sings along’ to what is happening in the world without questioning or taking action. Essentially Moss builds a show that would like to provoke the opposite reaction to passivity.”

“Moss Beynon Juckes è un artista indipendente da Berlino / Inghilterra. Il suo nome d’arte “Infamous karaoke Star” è un gioco o gioco di parole sulla necessità di essere all’altezza delle aspettative sociali ed inserire nelle norme sociali. Oltre a questo è una critica e la consapevolezza sulla musica popolare / cultura mediatica. che significa “Infamous” di cattiva reputazione “e di” Karaoke Star “- suggerisce che l’esecutore solo ‘canta insieme’ a ciò che accade nel mondo senza mettere in discussione o azione. Essenzialmente Moss costruisce uno spettacolo che vorrebbe provocare la reazione di fronte alla passività”


GERMANY: Javier Cura /Moss Beynon Juckes

Gruntalerstrasse 10, Berlin 13357

Email & Booking: JAVIER CURA,

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Telephone: +49(0)15779399735 (Berlin)