Lick My Book :::::::::::: solo for voice movement and music

Lick my Book is a solo performance for voice movement & music. Created and performed by Moss Beynon Juckes .


Lick my Book was developed with support from Grüntalertrasse 9 ::::::::: 4th June : 2nd July : 3rd Sept : 8th Oct 2014 ::::::::: wednesdäys ::::::::: each from 7pm ::::::::: by donation On Facebook

Text from the Initial R & D Sessions: 

Welcome to Lick my Book. The vagus nerve. The network. A pathway of connections. Knowledge as a total body experience. How to learn, how to remember, how to remain awake and indivinate? I open my voice and movement research to the audience for feedback and support. My research & development sessions will be investigating symbolic in ac- tion, ritual in performance, the internal & intimate as well as the external & displayed journeys, vocal & gestural extended techniques and self-in- duced emotional & chemical states. Chaos & hypocrisy may appear. Questions of interest are : What is a political body? How can I modify or create mood? How can I be affective? How can the “journey” of performance be reciprocal? I sing, I move, I play for many years now. My practice has led me from Bal- let, Shakespeare and Balkan song to Holotropic Breathwork and Visual Art practices.

First Session: Photo diary

Second Session: New questions…. Colonisation? Eros? God?

Third Session: Keep it small, a small music, an intimate sounding a dark sharing

Session 4, repeat and transform, stay in the process before moving on. Old questions:  Colonialisation/ objectify your audience?  What comes from objectifying the self? A question of morals, principles, and drama. Preachers and Psychopaths

Further development as part of SMASH teachers showing: “the world is sound – evening of performances and talks on body and voice” Tuesday, December 2 at 8:00pm in UTC+01. Hungriger Geist, Pannierstraße 40, Neukölln, Berlin

Understanding the way I work: A collage of overlapping concepts, layers of plastics, cross wiring information. A theatre dance of effect. Moral subtext, metatheatrical undertakings. Embody questions without answers. In this piece violence is a possibility is it? A performance music collage concert comedy

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