OKO facebook – okoproject

Solo– Improvisation aka name Infamous Karaoke Star


Tralalka– Ost-Folk-BalkanFunk. 7 member band, with polyphonic vocals original versions of unheard of &popular balkan songs

Impromptu Voice Orchestra- Conductor & Organiser of this spontaneous Improvised Voice Orchestra. Inspired by Bobby Mcferrin/ Sound Painting (Walter Thompson)/ Voice-movement integration.

Berlin Sound Painting Orchestra- under the conduction of Hada Benedito see 

hereGAZI BABA –– Improvised Quartet with Stelle Veloce on Cello, Petra Klementova on flute and voice, Meyrick Kaminski on Electronic sampling and Handmade instruments and Moss Beynon Juckes on violin, voice and other.