Ritual, Space and Immersion

Our bodies need ritual immersion: a sense of connection, communication and being a part of something creates a healthy system, healthy relationships and some kind of meaningful life.
I am particularly interested in created spaces that invite both community and autonomy simultaneously where high tech and low tech meet in dialogue with Nature. This can be supportive of Art environments, Working environments, Performative experiences and interactive learning experiences.

I designed some spaces that deliberately confused interactions and experiences between the host and the viewer, between the facilitator and the experiencer.

In creating positive feedback loops between participation and observation under the premise ” How you see can determine what you see” I wish to provide a space where autonomous behaviour is immediately socially impacting and how both are encouraged simultanously.

I am curious about spaces that create an urge to act or an impulse to behave in a certain way.

Psychology, Space and Behaviour
This is connected into spacial manipulation, behavioural patterns and choice. Through the looking glass of the psychology of consumerism, it is important and also exciting to question the individuals sovereignty of choice, where we as individuals stand politically or socially and then what we can do. How we can actually choose to act.

Immersive Rooms Designs.