ESOTERRA: A corporeal visual art LAB 17th-19th February, London



ESOTERRA: Eso- terra : esoteric terra – the call of the internal secret earth

A 3 Day intensive corporeal visual art LAB on devising self empowered, group initiated contemporary rituals with original compositions and voice work.17th-19th February at Guest Projects Facebook

The three days will always begin with somatic experiments to open awareness, detach from habits and enter into an embodied trip engaging the body, mind, spirit into a change of state and to get the heart moving. We will use various exercises that combine breath, voice, movement, and contact from practices such as holotropic breath, birth preparation, psychomagic visualisations, and experimental theatre to prepare generosity through intimacy and trust.(endogenous practices)

The next stage will be more about devising ways of collecting information about each other. Assessing the primary issues, concerns desires and needs. We will be fantasising about the intrinsic relationship between the individual and the other. How can we play with our super powers of inter connection? What are the relevant questions to be asked?. How would we like to be assesed? How do we set up a self examination? Drawing from online questionnaires, latest methods in psychology, neuroscience, we will craft this process for the person in focus. (emotional labor)

The final stage will be about devising an action for the other and testing it out. We will pool our resources together and will devise a format drawing from our individual practices and what we have experienced during the body work sessions, to allow an “art patient” to co-produce their own neo ritual for the millennium?, to tell other “art healers” what they want, and that the group devises the practical solution and abstracted interpretation of that together.  (esoterra practices)

Moss Beynon Juckes aka MAMATRIX invites a small collective to co develop and test among ourselves underground & personalised NEO ART RITUALS for all transformative occasions in life/ age of aquarium/ world healing. This is an opportunity to come together and pool our resources, our fantasies and fictions and give something back.  It is important that you want to use your voice in the quest for sending out vibrational forces.

This is not a public performance. It is important to bring your recourses to the lab, such as your technology, music set ups,  instruments, costume and training clothes.

Moss  Beynon Juckes’ practice lies between music, movement and wellness facilitation.  Her performance practice has often mixed modern wellness techniques with contemporary dance and music composition. Her work has drawn from diverse practices such as singing, holotropic breathing, continuuum breath work, labour, transforming pain, sacred water squirting, invented meditations and mantras, yoga, beat boxing, voice and movement, choreographic improvisation, improvised composition, sound circles, sound painting and extended vocal techniques, BMC, experimental theatre, visualisations, choreography and composition.