Bakk to Blakk with Meyrick Kaminski

Bakk to Blakk. 48 Hours Neukolln.Performed and conceived by Moss Beynon Juckes (UK/AUSTRALIA) & Meyrick Kaminski (AUSTRALIA/UK). Zu Hause.

The theme- colonial guilt- the english-australian disposition to say “sorry” habitually. The tendency towards a fascist political correctness in the era of terrorism…..

Out of anger can come realisation, confrontation and sometimes if your lucky resolutions.  I make myself black to understand what my white guilt is and whether or not I am to blame for it or whether my cultural landscape has something to answer for.  How much of my anger is from  being held in the dark. What am I responsible for now? What didn’t they allow my body to say? 

Featured in this documentary by Maximilian Schach-