Tralalka- Tsutisopeli Georgian Folk 

Ladies of Tralalka 

Berlin Sound Painting Orchestra, Babylon Kino- as vocalist. 

8-Bit Synaesthete #2 Installation by J.E. Murphy: 

The Folkloric & Artistic Troupe of Dhalaristan, Labin, croatia-MTV Video 

Tralalka plays:

Concert with BağlamaKlasse der Alevitischen of Nevzat Akpınar, Ballhaus Naunystrasse Berlin April 2011

Gazi Baba-Sowieso, Berlin

Fanfulla Rome- with Sebastiano Forte e Federico Leo, thanks to Maya (sorry the sound is poor)

Infamous Karaoke Star- Home made


Ian M Hale featuring Moss vid for “Loss”

Historical Moments:  IKS at the Half Moon Putney. London