Notte Nera Festival Residency

the human tree round


13-21 August in SERRA dei CONTI – ITALY

Residency workshop combining Contact Improvisation, Taichi, Tango, Voice & Movement into Physical theatre//

The exponential increase of virtuality in everyday life and in relationships, offers us both the electrical excitement given by infinite possibilities that open up as well as it exposes us to the danger of getting lost in a labyrinth of distorted mirrors. In this  workshop we will develop our physicality as a gnoseological path that fine-tunes how we relate to ourselves, others and the nature that surrounds us.

A tree in this sense can be a model of sensibility and “sensibility as such brings into focus not just what we think and say, but also our bodies and feelings” (*Emma Dowling).  Inspired by it, we will nurture our sense of presence, deepening our grounding, opening our awareness towards the possibilities that emerge in relation to ourselves and others.



This week long residency workshop will be developed partly in the farm house Il Canto del Bosco, enjoying its gardens, pool and the forests that surround it. And partly in the rehearsal space in the tiny medieval village of Serra de’ Conti, in between Le Marche hills in Italy.

The performance will be shared during Nottenera Festival in Serra de’ Conti (AN), Italy. (  )

Note: It is not mandatory to participate in the final performance.


Cost: Early Bird registration up to July 13th: 230€. After July 13th: 265€.Special discounts for students, unemployed and former participants to Nottenera workshops.

Note: There is no previous experience necessary and no limit in age to participate

INFORMATION:  +39 3355384925

and  +49 1636383774, when in Italy +39 3331623932


The Farm house Il Canto del Bosco ( ) near Poggio San Marcello (AN), Italy, will host us and offers: bedrooms for 2 to 5 persons + pool + kitchen and grill to cook our own food + beautiful surrounding gardens, forests and a donkey. It is only 10 mins by car to Serra de’ Conti.

The accommodation cost is 15€/night/person. There are also some limited number of tents possible for a cost of 10€/night/person if we are more than 14 participants.

serra 5.jpg


A humanity that treats the world in such a way as to “use and throw away”, wil also treat itself similarly as trash. G. Anders, “Man is an antique”

“I died as mineral and became a plant. I died as plant and rose to animal. I died as animal and I was a man. Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?” Rumi

In our present industralized society we can observe a similar relation between the way we refuse the presence of death, and the refusal to see what happens with our rubbish. As if the utilitarian way of consuming a product has inflitrated the way we consider our life and the life of those who will come after. In our reality, we are not interested to know what happens with the “object” after its “useful time period”. In this way we leave as inheritance a mountain of material and symbolic rubbish.

The refusal to percieve what really happens, creates the rubbish and modifies our perception of life, considering it as a ” useful product” with a linear finite time –

If we can consider life, instead of linear and finished, as cyclical and infinite and if we can consider our existence as a part and not a whole, death would become a moment of transformation and transmutation, and an open possibility for another being or thing.Our workshop and performance will recreate a joyful funeral conceived as a Transformation Artifice.

We will embody our creative capacity to transform ourselves, the space, objects, sound and light through: the practice of Contact Improvisation, tango, martial arts and physical theatre. voice in movement: we will create sound spaces, rhythms, melodies, fragments of dialogues and story telling.the use of alternative light sources and recicled objects: we will create different spaces and animate imaginary objects

This 7 days workshop will end in a spectacle called ” Underground love or a funeral elegy for a consumer”, performed at the Notte Nera Festival( Particpation in the performance is not compulsory and each participant can collaborate in the creative process in its own personal way. No special requisittes or previous artistic experiences are required to participate in it. The workshop will be given in Italian and English.

Note: Notte Nera is a cultural project developed through the whole year , ending in a long one summer night , hosting spectacles, performances, installations in a suggeestive atmosphere: During the night of the 25th of august, in the little medieval village of Serra dei onti,( Italy), all the public lights are turned off, to reinterpret the space and the meetings with “others”

The workshop will start with a dinner on the eve of the 18th . We will work and create for at least 6 hours each day, allowing time to enjoy the surrounding villages and nature and the nearby sea (Senigalia).

For Information: Fenia Kotsopoulou +39 339 1007694 Javier +49(0)1636383774, in Italy:+393331623932 Moss: +49 15779399735


1.Mini apartments with own kitchen each for 6-7 persons 15 € each in nearby village Castello di Avacelli. Call Nena Mobile 0039 3391103225 and (speaks italian, spanish & english)

2. Mini apartments with own kitchen STAZIONE DI POSTA. 3 Apartments, each one for

 4 + 4 + 3 persons. 70€ a day per apartment Contact: Lucio Renzaglia cell. +39 333 5778214 .

3. AGRITURISMO LA GIARA. 8 places in rooms for 2 or 3 persons. COST 10€ per night. Contact MARIO +39 327 2979915.

Forallplacesthesearespecialpriceforworkshopparticipants Westrongly reccomend to contact them as soon as possible if you are interested in coming!! Meals will be organized at nearby restaurants for about 7-10€

Moss Beynon Juckes (UK/BERLIN) is a performing artist and musician. She creates projects that bridge the disciplines voice and body, theatre, contact-tango, and music. She has been invited to teach at Hlasohled Voice Centre, Universitat der Kunste, Berlin at Universitat fur Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien, also in Torino, Rome, Helsinki, Strasbourg and Paris. Video:

Argentine-American artist Javier Cura is a performer, choreographer, artist and teacher of physical theatre, Contact Tango, and Contact Improvisation on several continents. You can find him at Contact festivals in Freiburg and San Francisco as well as at Phantastango in Germany, Alchemie Tango and Farma Dance Theatre Festival in Prague. Videos: v=lts3nIA0rmg

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