Moss Beynon Juckes is a multidisciplinary dance artist, composer and somatics facilitator born in Sydney and raised in the U.K.  She is presently based in Berlin. (Photographer – Ana Torres)

Moss has a syncretic and interdisciplinary approach to her work and her collaborative projects. She is a time artist, an inner architect, a lotus mother and has most recently become an Autogenic Training Therapist.

Moss has interpreted the works of artist Tino Sehgal since 2012 and has performed extensively around the world inc: History of Art Museum, Vienna, Palais de Tokyo, Okayama Art Summit, Tate Modern, Documenta XIII, Stedelijk, Martin Gropius Bau, Festival de la Cite Lausanne, Foundation Beyeler……

Moss is a member of the band OKO formerly Tralalka
She was a core member of radical and experimental theatre company MAS productions in London. They successfully achieved a long run at the acclaimed Soho Theatre- writing, staging and performing a culturally diverse stage show that crossed the boundaries of ritual gig, experimental theatre and performance art. They further developed this into a visual and music art experience where they facilitated the merger between secular ritual art practice, pop music, VR technology and neurodiversity.

Her recent studies are integrating death doulaship training, and autogenic training alongside 15 years in somatic body work and performances crossing over BMC, Contiuum Breathing, Kundalini Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Contact Tango/Improvisation and Voice and Movement Integration, Pop music production, haitian ritual dance.



À MORTCHOREOGRAPHY, CONCEPT, PERFORMANCE Claire Vivianne Sobottke COMPOSITION, MUSIC Stellan Veloce, Kaj Duncan David MUSICAL COOPERATION AND FRENCH HORN Abigail Sanders, Elena Kakaliagou BY AND WITH Moss Beynon Juckes, Stina Fors, Claire Vivianne Sobottke SPACE AND OBJECTS Clementine Pohl, Yoav Admoni LIGHTING DESIGN AND TECHNICAL DIRECTION Catalina Fernandez COSTUME Lea Kieffer DRAMATURGICAL ADVICE Mila Pavićević  OUSIDE EYES Sheena McGrandles, Maria Scaroni ARTISTIC PRODUCTION DIRECTION Simone Maria Graf. A production by Claire Vivianne Sobottke in co-production with SOPHIENSÆLE and PACT Zollverein. Funded by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds. Media partner: taz. https://www.tanzforumberlin.de/en/production/a-mort/

FERTLE PRESENCE -Moss Beynon Juckes/Shayma Shoukry Coproduction Funds, Goethe Institute Cairo

THIS ENTRY – Tino Sehgal in Manchester

GLITCH LAB – Deva Schubert


IMPRO MURGA with Sebastian Traverso & We are (Consortia)! with Rosalind Masson. Workshops series until February 2023 at Heizhaus Cultural Community Centre

DAWN: a musical on reproduction by Sheena McGrandles in Dance House, Helsinki Moving in November Festival

DAWN: a musical on reproduction (Wiederaufnahme) by Sheena McGrandles, with Claire Vivianne Sabotke, Colin Self, Stellan Veloce, Marta Forsberg, Mila Pavicevic at Sophiensaele

Publication presentation and interactive music, urban myth retelling at Ausufern Festival, Uferstudios as closing part of the the collaboration on Ela Spaldings Suelo Methodology Residency

Residency with Claire Vivianne Sabotke, Tian Rotteveel, Angela Munoz Martinez at Flutgraben

Strange Architectures. Workshop and Performance in collaboration with Jack Day, with Orgellabrynth (2020) organ composition by Dominik Sustek at Luisenkirche

Recipient of Dis-tanzen research funding for Strange Speech dance solo.

Collaboration in Ela Spaldings Suelo Methodology in residency at Heizhaus, supported by the PSR collective with collaborators Rosalind Masson

Recipient of #Take Care, Fonds Daku for STRANGE SPEECH Solo Research

Recipienth of #Take Heart Residency at Embodiment Practices for Storying Otherwise

Sheena McGrandles September 2021: ‘DAWN: a musical on reproduction. Premiere at Heizhaus/Sophiensaele. Collaborater and Performer

Maria Walsner September 2021: ‘Das Anschauliche Klaffen‘. Premiere at Ballhaus Ost

Michael Portnoy August 2019: Assistant Choreographer for film series ‘Progressive Touch’. Shown at Steirischer Herbst Festival 2019-2020. 

Tino Sehgal 2012-present. Interpreter of Voice and Movement Artworks by Tino Sehgal. 

2021. Atonals Metabolic Rift, Festival, Kraftwerk, Berlin
2020. This Joy in the History of Art Museum, Vienna as part of Beethoven bewegt.

2019. Tino Sehgal in Okayama Art Summit, September/ October, Japan. Tino Sehgal This Variation at in Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Work in development Serpentine Gallery.

2017 Tino Sehgal This Variation at the Foundation Beyeler, Basel, Switzerland

Tino Sehgal, Tretyakov Gallery Moscow, Russia / Teaching Neo Art Rituals with VAC Live. 

Tino Sehgal This Variation at Festival de la Cite Lausanne, Switzerland. 

2016 Tino Sehgal This Variation in Paris, Palais de Tokyo October-December. 

Tino Sehgal in Marrakech, Marocco. 

This Variation by Tino Sehgal in Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam and Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin

2015 September-October Tino Sehgals This Variation in Athens, via Neon. 

2012 These Associations Tino Sehgal, 2012 Unilever Series. Tate Modern. London. 

Documenta13O Art Festival, 2012. This Variation Tino Sehgal, Kassel. http:// http://www.d13.documenta.de/

M.A.S London 2015-2018. Member of the company as Artist, Movement Director, Documentor, Costume designer, Music Producer, Composer, Musician and Singer 

2018 September- Movement Director for 20 Mins of Action by Nwando Ebizie, Leeds.

MAS Residency at Opera North, Manchester for Visions a piece on Hildegarde Von Bingen.

2017 December- M.A.S curated Your Reality is Broken at the Wellcome Collection, London. I movement directed 20 Minutes of Action by Nwando Ebizie and I presented “Tabloid: a walking installation and experience”. 

MAS residency in Berlin, 20 Minutes of Action by Nwando Ebizie as movement Director. 

2016 February- Your Reality is Broken by MAS at the Guest Projects space, London http:// http://www.guestprojects.com A festival of abstracted and embodied live art. 

MAS Productions, Lady Vendredi, Battle Cry, Soho Theatre, London. 

2015 Lady Vendredi Battle Cry with Nwando Ebizie and Jonathan Grieve, Mas Productions at The Roundhouse, London

OKO Independent music project 2012-present. Founding member, composer, musician, arranger, violinist, singer, multi instrumentalist, graphic design, stylist and video production and editing. 

2019 OKO concert with A-WA, Gretschen, SO36, concert with Tolga Bilgin and the Izmir Symphonie, Izmir, Turkey. Album release 2020

2018 OKO concert at S036, Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berghain Kantine, KesselHaus, Amerika Gedenkbibliothek, Karneval der Kulturen, radio show on multi cult fm. OKO received funding for their first album from MusicBoard for 2018-2019

2017 Tralalka project Album release and final show at LIDO http://tralalka.com

Formation of the OKO neo polyphonic trio. Inauguration of the project at the Womans Protest Festival, Tel Aviv http://www.madame-zik.com/oko.html.

2015 Tralalka record release and concerts at Wabe, Alte-bahnhofshalle, S036, 

Grüner Salon, Badehaus, Kuss Kuss, Berlin & Munich. www.tralalka.com

2012 Concerts with Tralalka. Record Release 25th May- Grüner Salon, Volksbühne, Karnivel der Kulturin, Badehaus supporting Dikanda. 

Independent Residencies and Performances 2008 -present. Facilitator, Performance director, Musician, Voice and Movement trainer. Graphic designer, composer and general organiser. 

Notte Nera Festival, Serra di Conti, Italy 2008-2018

2018 The Ecological Body: a residency bringing movement back into our everyday behaviours and sound awareness. 

2017 – Night Fabulists a self produced residency and performance during “Notte Nera Festival”on the notion of creating conscious futures through embodied practices

Bechyne Monastery Residency 2009-2018

2018- Evolove a self produced residency in Bechyne, Czech Republic on the notion of creating conscious futures through embodied practices and conceptual cross pollination.

2017 Co-Dance, Co- Voice, Co-exist Czech Republic. Voice/ Movement Facilitator.

2016 The Human Tree, music composition and voice/ movement facilitator during a workshop residency and performance for Notte Nera Festival, Serra die Conti, Italy.

2015 The Sandmans Shadows Village performance. Residency. 

2013 A Rite of Passage for the Eco-Corpo a Spectacle and residency. Musician and Voice Teacher/ Performer with Javier Cura & Ula Wojtkowlak

Relevant Collaborations and Master classes 2012-2015. Artist, dancer, sound artist, movement teacher, singer performer, and performance director. 

2017 Host for opening ceremony and facilitator of Neo Art Ritual at Altered Conference, Berlin

2015 Brain Storm Body solo research residency at Grüntaler  ̈9 towards the performance

Lick my Book: voice and movement solo.

There is No Reason Why- a Multimedia Music Theatre. Created by composer Andrea Molino & voice artist David Moss.

Smash Intensive The World is Sound Guest Voice and Movement Teacher. 

2013 Performer in Body in Progress III by Christine Borch, in the yurt at Uferstudios, Berlin.

One Revolution, Respiration by Christine Borch, premiere 2013 in Tanz Tage, Sophiensaelle.

2012 Singer/Performer in BSO, Berlin Sound Orchestra at Babylon Cinema, Berlin.

research and Development for  Highly Strung with Amir Giles. Showing at Greenwich Dance Agency.

Tag Tanz at Potsdam Fabrik with Javier Cura -Performance Festival Week, Berlin http://www.mpa-b.org/ Oster Impro Festival teaching En-chant; Voice & Body Workshop in Göttingen.

Performance: Wror Choreographed by Miriam Welke in Hellerau, Dresden. http://miriamwelk.de/.

A Trip to the Utopics with Impromptu Voice Orchestra and The Colonic Colonial Cornell at Zu Hause, concept & direction.


Oily Cart Theatre: Smallwood School Annexe, Smallwood Road, London, SW17 0TW, Office: 020 8672 6329. Director Tim Webb http://www.oilycart.org.uk 

The Clod Ensemble: 1-2, Crown Works, Temple Street, London E2 6QQ , Tel: 020 7749 0555 Fax : 020 7749 0597 Director: Suzy Wilson, Composer: Paul Clark) http://www.clodensemble.com. Ref also available from Tino Sehgal, MAS productions if required