20 Minutes of Action/ Nwando Ebizie

Your Reality is Broken Friday Spectacular

Movement Director and ritual-concept Assistant for developing the choreographic score within 20 minutes of Action. Initiated at Guest Projects Residency and first performed in The Wellcome Collection Firday Night Spectacular ” Your Reality is Broken” by M.A.S. productions 

“This visceral performance-installation, inspired by psycho-dramatic retellings of European and African folk tales, drawing on traumatic events, features an analog electronic score and connects to my research into the perceptual disorder Visual Snow as well as Haitian Vodou, Vogue and Ballet. More on Visual snow It is one step in my exploration of reality, the neuroscience of perception, Afrodiasporic ritual and installation art. It will be a curated show with installation and performance elements, inviting people to experience my atypical perception through live ritual, AR journeys and public science experiments. My idea for installation art is that I install the viewer, artist and scientist into a carefully crafted system in order to appeal to their subjective perceptions. The experience is influenced by my experience of reality and also artists including Yayoi Kusama (speculated to have Visual Snow), Olafur Eliasson, Lucas Samaras, teamLab and Carston Holler. It is also inspired by a LADA DIY I led, where I used sensory immersive environments including anechoic chambers and flotation tanks for sensory deprivation and immersion and examined how it affected neurodiverse artists”. Nwando Ebizie