Sensate # 2020. A creative and personalised retreat for embodied self-healing and awakening of our senses at the Beekeepers in Castro Marim, Algarve, Portugal. 20-27th June

Sensate is an invitation to rebuild a relaxed sense of self-confidence and embodied being while absorbing Natures’ abundance in the surrounding natural reserve. Through various somatic techniques and science-folk sources I will invite you to discover how you can increase your self-regulation and how to achieve your natural high(er) state of integration and awareness with group support. We wish to support a reconnection from human to human and advance Interspecies and interplanetary awareness.

Our days will include
● Voice, breath and movement Integration
● Meditation and bespoke visualisations
● Massage, conscious touch, and elements of contact improvisation
● Yogic practices inc. kundalini and kemetic styles
● Being Nature – walking, sitting, rewilding ourselves
● Raising our water awareness, playing and praising with the ocean.
● Reflecting on natures’ cycles including our own
● Night time fires
● Vegan meals with the option for organic local meat and fish
Extras: mud baths, sunbathing, dog chasing, swimming pool diving, grave digging, chicken singing, pit waltzing…

The Sensate Retreat is for anyone at any age with a desire to go deeper within, alone and alongside a collective. All experiences, ages and backgrounds are welcome.


Early Bird date is the 31st May

Early Bird €748/ regular price €820 for single room /

€612/ €680 for shared room, and shared double bed               

€549/ €610 for camping on site 

The investment for this residency includes shared or private accomodation in the wonderful eco site, 3 vegan and organic meals a day and 6 days of facilitation and guidance with Moss Beynon Juckes. Due to the nature of this residency we highly recommend sharing accomodation, be it with a friend, partner of co-participant. 

The Beekeepers provide the beautifully crafted natural spaces, atmosphere and tools for physical, mental and spiritual integration by breathing, drawing, speaking, dancing and singing through vulnerability to find strength in the self and trust in the collective.We are close to the sea, a lake, an organic farm, a swimming pool, animals, and salt mud spa.

Moss has a syncretic and interdisciplinary approach to her own journey of self awareness. Through her work as an artist, musician, lotus mother and energy facilitator she brings together integrative somatic body practices that are inspired by birth, life, eros and death cycles in Nature. Her recent studies in death doulaship research and autogenic training alongside 15 years in somatic body work and performances have integrated BMC, Continuum Breathing, Kundalini Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Contact Tango/Improvisation, Psycho Magik, Voice and Movement Integration, Neurodiverse perspectives and other Self Regulation Techniques. She holds a certain conviction that these approaches have helped her maintain good health after surviving and recovering from an autoimmune disease and physical injury and supported her lotus birth to her child.