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Mirleft was a magnet for hippies and camper van culture in the sixties, popular with artists, musicians and travellers coming through from Saharan crossings. The developed surf culture and relaxing atmosphere makes Mirleft a good place to recuperate, especially after experiencing the more intense cities of Marrakech or Agadir

It is important to consider that we are the first CI festival to emerge in Mirleft and we ask for cultural empathy and sensitivity towards local tradition

Contact improvisation is a form of improvised dancing that has been developing internationally since 1972. It involves the exploration of one’s body in relationship to others by using the fundamentals of sharing weight, touch, and movement awareness. Somátics is a field within bodywork and movement studies which emphasizes internal physical perception and experience. The term is used in movement therapy to signify approaches based on the soma, or “the body as perceived from within”.

This occasion is very special and the first of its kind in this location. We provide the time and place to allow immersion into body awakening and to open to self awareness, reconnecting to our stories and each other’s. The space for free expression, temporary community and reigniting our personal and collective aspirations.


Our local teacher Mustafa will guide us on daily 2-3 hour sessions, wetsuits and surf boards included, navigating the wild waters of the Atlantic ocean and preparing us to surf safely

Clay workshop in Tioughza 

The workshop takes place in Tioughza, a small amazigh village in the mountains of Sidi Ifni where you will be taught to work clay in the traditional way, helped by two qualified artisan potters. About 2 h in the morning and 2 h in the afternoon, lunch, tea and clay are provided.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to take your creations home with you. 

Playing with texture, sensation and manual crafting can be both meditative and informative, sensual and practical.